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It all started with realizing how difficult it could be to navigate the apparel industry. The journey to start an apparel business–or even just to create something simple like company uniforms–usually takes an overlong and complicated process. Choosing the right fabric or deciding on a production house can be a hassle when you do not know what to look for. Trying to understand all of this, especially when it is not your field of work, takes time. More time means more expenses.

Cloami comes in as a one-stop apparel manufacturing and merchandising platform–both online and offline–that offers an easy and efficient process for everyone, from businesses to manufacturers, with a focus on helping out SMEs. We aim to solve SMEs’ problems, such as lack of orders due to minimum exposure and limited access to raw materials. We want to solve the problem of having to meet the MOQ to get fair pricing and good quality.

With us, everyone can be an entrepreneur–we run the production so business owners can focus on sales. Whatever your problem is, we are here to help you!

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