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activewear & luxury collaboration between Pierpaolo Piccioli and Moncler

The Trend of Luxury & Activewear Brands Collaboration

Walking into a store and seeing sports logos on high-fashion items is no longer a rare sighting. For instance, we can see Gucci’s collaboration with Adidas and Jacquemus’…
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Batik: Making Its Way Into the Modern Era

It’s impossible to visit Indonesia without seeing people wearing batik. Although it’s no longer people’s first choice for daily wear, most will still wear traditional clothing on Fridays.…
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Fashion Designers of the Archipelago Making Global Waves

Indonesia’s fashion landscape reflects the nation’s intricate history, where a fusion of ancient traditions and motifs combines with modern-day trends and creativity. Moreover, Designs that come out of…
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The Quiet Luxury Going Loud

In the world of luxury, a new trend has emerged, captivating those who desire subtle, understated opulence. Moreover, this emerging 'quiet luxury' movement departs from flashy wealth displays.…
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Fashion Influence: Empowering Change Through Clothing

In today's world, fashion goes beyond clothing; it's a language and also a powerful tool. Fashion influence in addressing critical issues. As our collective focus shifts towards societal,…
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Modest Fashion: A Growing Trend

The concept of modest fashion emerged in the early 2000s, describing the style preferences of individuals who choose to cover themselves for religious, cultural, or personal reasons. In…
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